Artes And Craft

As well as being a shop, Artes and Craft offers the local pagan community a huge 700 square foot ritual/lecture/workshop room that can be booked FREE OF CHARGE for public events or for a small hourly rate for private events. We also will have a large outside woodhenge type circle and huge labyrinth on the 6 acres of land the store is built on. We also have 2 smaller rooms that can be rented by psychics, readers, healers, massages, etc. We will have a full calendar of public rituals and workshops each month, author visits and book signings, lectures and much more. We also have ordained ministers with credentials through The Covenant Of The Goddess and can host your handfasting or other celebratory rites either in the store, in our outside circle, or another place of your choosing.

Accepting New Members: Yes
Activities Open to the Public: Yes
Ordained Clergy: Yes

Contact Information
Pat Rose
67103 Red Arrow Highway
Hartford, Michigan
269 369 7338

Michiana and Southern Michigan, Van Buren County

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