Connecting with Michigan's Pagan Community

Thank you for visiting the online directory of resources for Pagans in Michigan. This directory is a free service to the Pagan community of Michigan. The Pagan Michigan directory provides you with links to shopping, spiritual and wellness services and clergy and the opportunity to meet other Pagans near you. I strive to keep this directory up to date and accurate as possible in order to serve the Pagan community by helping it connect.

Pagan Michigan does not host any events. It does not accept donations and is privately funded by a single person. Basically, it's a hobby. Google and Amazon ads help pay for it. If you would like to help out, I do accept volunteer assistance, or you can just click on an ad.

I strive to give every event, organization, business and individual who uses this site equal treatment. As such, Pagan Michigan does not accept payments for featured advertisement. You are welcome to advertise using our free features. See How To Advertise On the Pagan Michigan Website. Pagan Michigan is also not able to act as a corporate sponsor for anything. It will help you find more appropriate sponsors through the use of its directory, classifieds, forums and other tools. Sometimes I do interviews for the news section if I have time and I'm interested. Email me at moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap#moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap if you'd like me to interview you.

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How can I get my business, event, etc. advertised on Pagan Michigan's Twitter feed?

This is super easy. When you create a new listing in the Pagan Michigan directory, whether it be an event, a classified ad, or a business listing, it will be automatically posted to our Twitter feed.
Please do not abuse this. Spam is inconsiderate to everybody.

I offer services to the community as an individual (i.e. I am a clergy, a psychic, a writer, a performer, etc.) How can I list myself in the directory?

Just fill out your profile and click the appropriate boxes at the bottom. Your profile will automatically be listed in the directories you select and you can select as many as appropriate to your situation.

Remember to add as much information to your profile as you feel people will need to get in touch with you, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable with the world seeing it.

Will you announce my event on Facebook?

If you list your event on our webpage, there is a 90% chance it'll get posted on Facebook. The sooner you get it listed, the higher your chances. If your event happens every week, isn't going to be announced every week unless it's a really slow month, but it'll likely get announced the first time it happens and periodically thereafter.

What about the newsletter?

The Newsletter is currently on hold while I look into better options for it.

But for the future…

If your event is already listed when I sit down to write the newsletter (usually Wednesday or Thursday) it will probably be on the newsletter. Granted, I don't always get to the newsletter, but I do my best.

How can I increase my chances of getting my event, announcement or listing broadcast to the widest audience.

  • The sooner in advance an event is listed, the more opportunities we have to share it.
  • The more complete your listing, the more likely we are to share it. If I have to look up details like addresses and websites, I might get lazy and skip it. Since this is my unpaid hobby, I reserve the right to do so.

I don't have time to list every event on your website. Can you do it for me?

  • If you send me a list of events, I can list them. But they must be a list I can cut and paste (some of these newsletters are very uncooperative) and I am going to need complete information, location address, website, contact info. I don't have time to type everything out and do web searches to find addresses and links. I am generally doing this between episodes of entertaining a toddler on days I'm not at my "real" job.
  • If you send an invitation to my personal Facebook page, I can use that to create listings, assuming your event is public and not invitation-only because I need to be able to use the link.
  • All that being said, my time remains limited and I may or may not get to your list. The more advanced notice I get the more likely I am to get to your listings. You are highly encouraged to do your own listings.

Can I pay you to increase my exposure?

No. I like to remain neutral, autonomous, etc. If I accept money from someone, I am going to feel beholden to them and give them special treatment and that would blow the whole point of this site. I don't accept money from anyone. Except Google Adsense. They help me pay for hosting.

Will you sponsor my event?

No. I love you all equally and since I can't sponsor all of you, I can't sponsor any of you.

My information has changed, what should I do?

If you were the original creator of the listing, you should be able to go in and edit it yourself. Just look for the edit button way at the bottom of the page. Or you can make the changes in the comments section at the bottom of your listing. Look for the link that says "Add a Comment" to add additional information.

If I someone else posted your listing you will not be able to edit it. You can email me at moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap#moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap to make the changes for you or ask me to delete the listing so you can recreate it and forever after do what you want with it or use the "Add a Comment" link at the bottom to add the information as a comment. If you use the comment feature, I will get a notification and go in and clean it up when I get a chance.

I'm sorry to bother you…

Seriously, I am not bothered. I am naturally grumpy, but that doesn't mean I'm bothered. Email me at moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap#moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap or contact me through the facebook page or Google+ or Twitter. I can be slow to respond, but I will respond.