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I'm in my early 50s and searching for a partner (age range approximately 45-58) who is expressive, kind, playful, flexible, and comfortable in social settings. I am open to new experiences and hope you would be as well.You don't need to share all my passions as long as you can respect my choices and are willing to compromise. Having quality time together is important and I would love to find someone who shares my enjoyment of music and travel!

I would prefer someone who doesn't have children, but am willing to compromise if they are fairly grown and independent. I am a non-smoker — any use of tobacco products (even the occasional cigar) is a deal-breaker for me.

I'll sum up by saying that I'd like a man who is self-sufficient and responsible but young in spirit, with a sense of mission or desire for involvement in a cause larger than oneself. While some of my best friends are polyamorous, I am a one-man woman looking for a one-woman man. Please do not attempt a conversation if you are married or separated (i.e., not yet completely divorced). I am not looking for an affair; I want a serious relationship where we can complement and support each other.

I should also mention that I am demisexual. Quite simply, this means I am "wired" so that I need to have an emotional connection with someone before it is possible for me to develop a sexual attraction or romantic feelings for that person. So it will likely take more than the standard three dates before we take our relationship to "the next level". But if you also like to take things slow, this may be an advantage for both of us!

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