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Hello there. I am a young late 20's individual, not new to the whole pagan scene, but ok with someone that is. I value courage, honesty, and love most in a person. Honesty included integrity and reliability of word. I drink often but in no way have a problem. I just like my beer and having a good time, although I don't go to bars very often. I hate dance clubs and conduct myself with a great deal of decency and modesty. I do not like 420 used around me for many reasons but number one because I am allergic to it and number two I hate it. If you need it occasionally for insomnia or something fine but don't be blowing it in my face . That is the biggest thing for me. I am very honest, and very flexible. You don't have to necessarily have a job, car or your own place as long as those are things you strive for or have a good reason you don't have them. Really, looking for someone to spend time with, especially in nature, and hopefully my life with at some point. If you want to know more please feel free to comment below and I can get back to you :)

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