Omni Temple

Omni Temple offers online and in-person therapeutic coaching alongside ritual, yoga, meditation, movement, breathwork, and other contemplative practices to help clients reconnect with their Spirit. We facilitate non-denominational rituals at public events and festivals to help participants create a greater meaning when we gather. We see wellness as an art form rather than a prescription and utilize themes like the elements, zodiac, Jungian archetypes, and hero's journey to bring a sense of mythos to our programs.

1:1 Coaching: Together we will get clear on your intention, timeline, and budget, With your goals and interests in mind, we'll co-create a wellness program to fit your needs. Depending on your interests, coaching programs may include mindfulness and meditation, journaling, movement practices such as yoga or dance, as well as non-denominational rituals. As a coach, I am more directive and future-oriented.

Wellness Programs: A supportive community of seekers meets weekly to practice coping skills, breathwork, yoga, meditation, & rituals to help you explore, interact with, and rejuvenate your Spirit. We utilize various mythopoetic frameworks such as elements, chakras, and archetypes to add depth and meaning to our work. These programs serve as a roadmap to self-regulation, cultivating a sense of peace and meaning in your life. Our intention is that you will walk away from these programs with a renewed sense of wonder, and an overabundance of therapeutic tools scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. You will have access to the materials in this program for life so you can return to them when you need, and use them to create your own wellness rituals.

Counseling: As a mental health counselor (LLPC), you take the driver's seat as I hold space for your emotional needs. We explore the past to understand the root causes of current issues. It may involve addressing and healing past traumas or unresolved emotional experiences. I specialize in treating anxiety utilizing transpersonal, person-centred, mindfulness-based CBT, parts work & EMDR with my clients.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday
Space available for meetings: No

Contact Information
Chrissie Bingham

734 681 0219

Online Only,

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