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Thank you for visiting the online directory of resources for Pagans in Michigan. This directory is a free service to the Pagan community of Michigan. The Pagan Michigan directory provides you with links to shopping, spiritual and wellness services and clergy and the opportunity to meet other Pagans near you. I strive to keep this directory up to date and accurate as possible in order to serve the Pagan community by helping it connect.

Pagan Michigan does not host any events. It does not accept donations and is privately funded by a single person. Basically, it's a hobby. Google and Project Wonderful ads help pay for it. I strive to give every event, organization, business and individual who uses this site equal treatment. As such, Pagan Michigan does not accept payments for featured advertisements. If you would like to place an ad on this site through Project Wonderful (see the icon on the bar to the left), you are welcome to, but you are subject to Project Wonderful's bidding process. Pagan Michigan is also not able to act as a corporate sponsor for anything. It doesn't have any money. It will help you find more appropriate sponsors through the use of its directory, classifieds, forums and other tools. Sometimes I do interviews for the news section if I have time and I'm interested. Email me at moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap#moc.liamg|nagihcimnagap if you'd like me to interview you.

Pagan Friendly Businesses

Your Spiritness Company
2524 Coolidge Highway
Berkley, MI 48072-1573

Knight Light Candle
10620 W. Nine Mile Rd.
Oak Park

Soul Empowerment
1824 East Michigan Avenue
Lansing, Michigan



Crazy Wisdom Books and Tea Room
114 S. Main Street
(between Washington and Huron Streets)
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Pagan and Heathen clergy, professional witches and psychics, healers, magic-users, teachers, counselors and other providers of Pagan and Heathen spiritual and magical services are also encouraged to list in our directory as are representatives of Pagan, Heathen and occult groups that offer public events, training and other services to the Pagan community of Michigan as well as non-profit organizations, charities, sanctuaries and, in fact, any organization owned by or created Pagans, Heathens, witches and/or occultists in Michigan.

The Pagan Michigan directory is a free service. There is never a charge for listing in or viewing our online directory.

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Web Resources

Pagan Groups

Green Spiral
Central Michigan

Shining Moon circle
The Tri-Cities Area Michigan

Earth Path Eclectic Resources
West Michigan Allegan County

Covenant of the Goddess
Online Only Illinois

A Little Taste of Reiki
Southeast Michigan

Lítt Ugla Ásatrú Kindred
Online Only Bay

Cedarsong Grove, ADF
Central Michigan Ingham County

Grove of the Winged Scarab
Central Michigan Clare County

Pagan Clergy

Memento Vitae
Online Only

The Tri-Cities Area

Brenda Bates
Central Michigan

Rev. Nicole Lendman MH
West Michigan Ottawa County

Rev. Marilyn Reid
Central Michigan

Rev Robert Henderson
Southeast Michigan Washtenaw County

Alexa Bentz
Southeast Michigan Washtenaw

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